Opportunities: Do You Procrastinate?

I’m going to get deep for a minute, and I’m not talking about a deep squat or deep swan dive pose. This week, I dove into personal development…reading books and articles, watching videos, following leaders, you name it. Why? Because I desire to learn and grow. 

Today as I was reading, I realized I procrastinate on opportunities. Sometimes it’s me being stubborn or prideful, sometimes I think I have to think more about it, and sometimes it’s fear. What I am learning is opportunities come…in our personal lives, in our careers, in our families, and even in our health journeys. 

This is the question: Will you grasp your opportunity and move to the gratification of your deepest desires or will you hesitate, falter, and fall behind?




**Words paraphrased from The Richest Man In Babylon, George S. Clason


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