The Weekly Chase #1

The Weekly Chase is a feature that I learned about from Miss Molly and Road Runner Girl that recaps the previous week and sets goals for the upcoming week. This is perfect for me since I love setting the tone for Mondays and my entire week! I hope you join in with me, read along as I go through my weeks and maybe even begin your own weekly chase! So, here goes…

Last week was all about the last week of summer and trying to practice our school routine as well as the second full week of marathon training. I set some goals to get all my runs in, which I missed one, and get the boys on schedule, which I did.

1stdayofschool08262013 1stdayofschool08262013-goofy

Today was the first day of school here in Texas, so donned in fresh shorts and tees, my boys started their school years. T, the big one, is the big honcho on the middle school campus as an 8th grader. Cy begins his 1st grade year. I got him lost in his school because I went in the wrong door and all the hallways are sectioned off. Once we made it to his class, I promised I would walk him back in the right way tomorrow so he knows his way. Now that we are starting to get into routine mode, I can begin to work on things that I’ve put on hold for the summer.


Goal #1: Stick to my set 3 days of running for my marathon training. To stay injury free and prevent fatigue, I’m testing a 3-day a week training schedule. I cannot miss days as every run is specific. Easy run, speed work, and long run.

Goal #2: Water. I’ve been slacking on water, and I can see the difference in what that extra bottle I’ve been skipping has been doing.

Goal #3: Routine. Establish my class and work routines as the boys settle into their school routines. All work must be done by 2:45 p.m. every day, and I commit to spend from 3-5 p.m. with them for homework, quality time, and fun.

Goal #4: Personal Development. I’ve become big on personal development, but I want to incorporate more than 15 minutes of reading. I plan on adding my meditation back into this hour so I can focus and set my day on the good path I want.

Goal #5: Focus intently on my coaching. It is my full time thing now, and since I want to make this my career for life, I need to set my intentions for my career goals and make them happen.

Goal #6: Start journaling again. I used to keep a journal and just over the last few years, I’ve stopped. Even if it’s just a list to start or 10 minutes of writing, I want to start this up as i work to make my life exactly how I want it.

I hope you enjoyed reading my goals, and I hope you share yours with me to and continue to read through my journey as I chase forward toward my dreams. Comment below so i can encourage you through your weekly goals as well!


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