The Weekly Chase #3

An entire month has passed since my last weekly chase. Things in my personal life were overwhelming, and I needed to take a step back and focus on them. I feel more settled now, and am ready to continue on with my routine and goals, which includes the awesome Weekly Chase! How have you been? Have you been meeting your goals?


This week’s list of goals:

Goal #1: Make sure I get my cross-training and yoga in along with my 3 marathon training runs. I’ve stayed up with my running, but I let my cross-training slide a bit.

Goal #2: Eat clean. This really isn’t that bad of a problem, but since my mileage is increasing, I’ve been telling myself “I earned” that extra serving or piece of bread or waffle.

Goal #3: Wake up early. Lately, I’ve been waking by 4 a.m. everyday. I’ve been using this hour to sit, think, meditate…sort of mentally refocus and embrace the day before it actually starts.

Goal #4: Book, Focus, Build . My success partner and I set weekly goals as well. This week, it’s “Book, Focus, Build”. We’re reading the same book, focusing on what needs to be done, and building our teams.

What are your goals for this week? Please share!


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