Mother’s Day and WHYs

Today, like all Mother’s Days since becoming a mom, I’ve cherished the time I get to spend dedicated to the one day for Moms. As a “momprenuer”, I’ve recently learned that my very first priority is being the mom I want to be for my boys and the quality of time I spend with them. They are my WHYs.


They are why I push myself day in and day out to make their lives better than the life I’ve had. They are why in strive so hard to be an example of what hard work, dedication, and never giving up can bring you in life. They are my why I share with them my spiritual journey as a child, young adult, and now my new spiritual journey as an adult and parent. They are my why’s…why I breathe, why I feel the passion inside me every day, they are my number one purpose in life.

On this Mother’s Day in 2014, I pray that all mothers out there, current and future, have celebrated their day today, but know in their hearts that every day is Mother’s Day because our purpose, our why is creating the future, one child at a time.


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