21 Day Fix Virtual Bootcamp

Lose up to 15 pounds in 21 Days with Simple Fitness, Simple Nutrition and Simple Accountability

Join the revolution and get a handle on your weight loss with this proven program that will get real results in only 21 days! This unique program takes the guesswork out of nutrition and fitness.


First, it provides you with a unique portion-control system (no calorie counting or points) that includes Color Coded Containers that you will use to measure food for your meals.  Instead of given a set meal plan, you are given a plan of which containers to use for each meal.  As long as it fits into the containers, you are good to go.  However, I will help to provide you with some sample recipes to help you, if you need some creativity.

You will also, get 7 workouts that are only 30 minutes each.   This is what makes it perfect for anyone who is busy and doesn’t have a lot of time to workout, because everyone can find 30 minutes in their day to workout.  Each program is geared toward sculpting the body, burning calories, blasting fat, and building muscle.   You will follow a workout calendar so you know which program to do each day during the program.

When you use this program with my 21 Day Virtual Bootcamp, you will also get to work with me to help to hold you accountable. You will have 24/7 access to me and I will add you to my private accountability group, this gives you an extra layer of support and accountability.

To order The 21 Day Fix and get started on your 21 Day Virtual Bootcamp, click here!

If you want to add Shakeology to your program, to provide you with an even bigger boost to your nutrition, click here to purchase The 21 Day Fix Challenge Pack!

For more information or if you have any questions, send me an email and let’s chat


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