Pigeon Pose Modifications

During the last nine months while recovering from my hip injury, I have had to find and use MANY modifications for a lot of exercises and even my yoga poses. The most common modification I use is for pigeon pose. Throughout my own journey and teaching low intensity level classes, usually catering to seniors and limited functioning (disabled/injured) students, modifications are a must. Here are my three modifications for the oh, so necessary pigeon pose.

Modification 1: On the mat

This modification is closest to pigeon pose. Either starting on your hands and knees or coming from downward facing dog, bring forward one knee as far up as possible, stopping between your hands. Keep your foot in line with your knee. Stretch your back leg as far as it can go, then sink down towards your front foot. Hold and BREATHE!

pigeon mod 1

Modification 2: Eye of the Needle (or Thread the Needle)

Eye of the needle is my favorite modification of Pigeon. Lay on your back, and bend your knees. Bring one ankle to the opposite knee, and allow your hip to fall open. Now take your hands, place one on each side of your supporting leg (if you placed your left ankle on your right knee, you will place your hands on each side of your right thigh), now gently begin to pull your legs toward your chest. When you find your spot where the stretch begins to feel a bit on the deep side, hold and flex your feet. Again, BREATHING is KEY!

pigeon mod 2

Modification 3: Seated Pigeon Pose (Chair Modification)

In a chair, scoot your bottom to the edge of the seat. Just like eye of the needle, bring one ankle to the opposite knee, and allow your hip to fall open naturally. Place a hand on the foot of the leg you lifted and the other on the knee. Inhale and straighten the spine, then as you exhale, tilt forward from the hips with a straight back towards your legs. Hold and again, BREATHE!

pigeon mod 3

Use these modifications at any time, especially if your hips feel a bit tighter than normal. Here’s to HAPPY HIPS!


“Conqueror” Warrior Flow

I heart yoga. If you’ve been following me for any amount of time, you’ll see more yoga posts on my social media feeds than any other type of exercise posts. Lately, I’ve been combining my love of popular music with my love of yoga. Below is my latest favorite song by Estelle in a Warrior Flow. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did creating it!

Renewal Project 2015


At the beginning of the year, I launched a personal project called Renewal Project 2015. After a year that took me for a whirl in all aspects of my life, I felt I needed to renew myself to a state where I felt like me again and to a better me. This involved deep commitment to renewing certain aspects of my life. Here are the areas of my life I felt needed renewal and how I was feeling at the end of 2014.

Physical: Despite being a personal trainer and a healthy lifestyle coach, I had put everyone else’s health above my own. As my clients, students, and challengers were getting healthier and more fit, I suffered from a hip injury, making running and most cardio activity painful, and made excuses regarding exercise and my nutrition to where I had lost some of my leanness and put on 10 extra pounds and 10 extra overall inches.


Spiritual: Despite constant personal development through various books, audio, and other sources, I felt my spirit was in turmoil. I had been visiting a church I loved, but did not go for several months. I felt beat down in my spirit while struggling with some extremely personal issues all while trying my damnedest to remain positive and upbeat to the outside world.

Business: Despite my training and teaching locally growing, I let my Beachbody business fall apart. This hurt the worst because Beachbody is the reason I am in the field I am in now. Beachbody is a core reason I am the person I am now. Beachbody has led me to people, opportunities, and experiences I would have never had without it. I truly love the company I am aligned with, and I was pushing it to the wayside.

Interests: Over the last year, I had pushed interests aside. I stopped writing regularly (as you noticed if you have followed my blog for some time). I stopped creating…crafts, photography, designing, you name it. Running, partially due to injury, had become a chore instead of my desire.

Relationships: I am a person who deeply believes humans need and innately desire connection. Over the last year, I had lost or pushed away many friends and family. True colors of people I thought I knew were revealed. I received a blunt, long lesson in conditional/unconditional love and the human flaws of judgement, stubbornness, and resentment. This lesson started to make me jaded and question my true quality of trusting everyone. Now, I know I am far from perfect, but I am aware and have been working to learn and accept my flaws. But this arena of my life was now in a whole new light.

Now, in 2015, I am focusing intensively on these 5 areas in my life. Every 4-6 weeks, I will be posting my personal updates for you to follow along if you wish. Stay tuned tomorrow as I reveal the changes I have made and the progress results from the first 6 weeks of Renewal Project 2015.