Success Saturday: Christy P.

I’ve known Christy since before high school, and we reconnected a couple of years ago on social media. I’ve seen her progress continue, all because of her amazing dedication to her goal!


1. Why did you decide to lose weight/change your lifestyle? (Any and all

In August 2013, I decided I wanted more out of life. I wanted to feel better, have more energy and have more confidence in myself. I was tired of coming home after work everyday and taking a nap.

2. What exercise did you do? (List everything)
I started out walking in September. I added a community ed exercise class (it included step aerobics, kick boxing and strength training) in October. I joined a gym in November that offers body pump and Zumba. 

3. How did you change your eating habits?
I use my fitness pal to track my calorie intake. I cut out soda’s all together. I only eat red meat every once in awhile. I either eat baked tilapia or chicken and sliced turkey. I have increased my vegetable and fruit intake. I eat breakfast now and I have added snacks to my day. 

4. Did you use any nutritional supplements?
The only thing that I have used is Spark. I started using that about two months ago. 

5. Did you have support? (Group, friend, online community, etc.)

Yes, all of my family and friends have been very supportive. I also follow many pages on FB.

6. What do you feel is the top thing you’ve gotten out of your journey?

Not to give up on your dream because of a few unhealthy decisions or days. 

7. What is your next goal?

 I still have a ways to go so I just want to keep up my steady pace and boost my strength training as I go. 

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Are You A Success?

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Let’s celebrate our victories!



Two Months Too Long

Can we say whirlwind? That’s how 2013 has been so far for me. I’m not complaining, but it’s left me to push the site on the back burner. Not good at all. Let me update you on what’s going on.

I officially started my dream career on January 2, 2013. I now teach group fitness classes, and will begin personal training next month combined with my Beachbody coaching. I’m still learning the game of balance, especially when the family thinks I’m available around the clock now.

I’m totally loving my life; the life I have built for myself. Every day I find new amazement. I meet new people every single day, see inspiration and opportunities everywhere, getting to do things I haven’t done before or in ages (can we say going for a run after 8 a.m. on a weekday!).

I do have some projects in the works. Virtual training plans, bootcamps, special yoga groups along with my monthly challenge groups and classes.

I hope you’re making it an awesome day, and as soon as new projects are up and running, you’ll be the first to know.

Scared Shitless

Within the last year, I’ve embraced the saying …


and let me tell you, I’ve been scared shitless for a good part of a year while working on my fitness career transition. Planning, pushing, and seeing your dreams unfold in front of you is exciting and terrifying. Last night, I realized another part of the dream process. I’m not the only one scared, stressed, worried, (insert any other feeling here) about my dreams coming true. I have been barely aware (okay, maybe totally inner focused, a.k.a., self-centered) how my actions towards my dreams may have been affecting my family.

Let’s just say a discussion about something simple turned into a major meltdown about where we are now. It totally sucked. I nearly threw in the towel. I cried and yelled and almost decided to give it all up completely. Even this morning after a not-so-restful night of sleep, I still have doubts lingering about in my mind. I keep thinking “Am I selfish for this?”, “Am I dreaming too big?”, “Is this I what I really want for my life?”

You know what has been keeping me from telling the world, “Okay, I give in.” ? The thing called passion. The thing that burns in my chest and stomach every second of every day. The thing I dream about, awake or asleep. Creating my dream job has become my obsession because my dream job gives me more of what I want; time with my family.

Yet, my obsession became my priority, which overtook my #1 priority, my family. Right now, I’m currently training my team of coaches using Chalene Johnson‘s PUSH book. We spent an entire week defining our priorities and setting goals that honor our #1 priority. Last night made me realize, my priorities became flip-flopped. Trust me, I hated the meltdown, still do, but apparently I needed wake up to see how my current push to accomplish my PUSH goal is affecting those closest to me.

This morning, I opened up my email to my daily Leadership Freak message, and what jumps out at me… “Change becomes real when we have to change our own attitudes and behaviors, not until.”

So, today I begin tweaking my plan; making sure my family gets involved, and I check in regularly to keep awareness of the impact on them. I refuse to give up on this. I am too damn close to accomplishing my goal for me and for the greater good of my family. I think the tweaking will help me follow this saying (and still be scared shitless):


What makes you scared shitless?