Renewal Project 2015


At the beginning of the year, I launched a personal project called Renewal Project 2015. After a year that took me for a whirl in all aspects of my life, I felt I needed to renew myself to a state where I felt like me again and to a better me. This involved deep commitment to renewing certain aspects of my life. Here are the areas of my life I felt needed renewal and how I was feeling at the end of 2014.

Physical: Despite being a personal trainer and a healthy lifestyle coach, I had put everyone else’s health above my own. As my clients, students, and challengers were getting healthier and more fit, I suffered from a hip injury, making running and most cardio activity painful, and made excuses regarding exercise and my nutrition to where I had lost some of my leanness and put on 10 extra pounds and 10 extra overall inches.


Spiritual: Despite constant personal development through various books, audio, and other sources, I felt my spirit was in turmoil. I had been visiting a church I loved, but did not go for several months. I felt beat down in my spirit while struggling with some extremely personal issues all while trying my damnedest to remain positive and upbeat to the outside world.

Business: Despite my training and teaching locally growing, I let my Beachbody business fall apart. This hurt the worst because Beachbody is the reason I am in the field I am in now. Beachbody is a core reason I am the person I am now. Beachbody has led me to people, opportunities, and experiences I would have never had without it. I truly love the company I am aligned with, and I was pushing it to the wayside.

Interests: Over the last year, I had pushed interests aside. I stopped writing regularly (as you noticed if you have followed my blog for some time). I stopped creating…crafts, photography, designing, you name it. Running, partially due to injury, had become a chore instead of my desire.

Relationships: I am a person who deeply believes humans need and innately desire connection. Over the last year, I had lost or pushed away many friends and family. True colors of people I thought I knew were revealed. I received a blunt, long lesson in conditional/unconditional love and the human flaws of judgement, stubbornness, and resentment. This lesson started to make me jaded and question my true quality of trusting everyone. Now, I know I am far from perfect, but I am aware and have been working to learn and accept my flaws. But this arena of my life was now in a whole new light.

Now, in 2015, I am focusing intensively on these 5 areas in my life. Every 4-6 weeks, I will be posting my personal updates for you to follow along if you wish. Stay tuned tomorrow as I reveal the changes I have made and the progress results from the first 6 weeks of Renewal Project 2015.


The Weekly Chase #5


The fact that this post wasn’t scheduled to post Monday morning should give you an idea of how my week kind of is going! It’s been insane…all in a good way though.

Last week’s list of goals:

Goal #1: Make sure I get my cross-training and yoga in along with my 3 marathon training runs. I was spot on with my running and cross training. I probably could have used another yoga session though.

Goal #2: Eat clean and eat as plant-based as possible. I did okay with eating clean, but not really with plant-based. I really wanted the meat. But the beer over the weekend …  I earned those carbs.

Goal #3: Wake up early. This is getting more difficult as my schedule demands increase along with my training mileage. I’m all about getting enough sleep right now.

Goal #4: Book, Focus, Build, Consistency. I read. I focused. I built. All on a small forward scale.

This week’s list of goals:

Goal #1: 3 yoga sessions with my 3 training runs. My hips are aching for some yoga….so this is a must.

Goal #2: Eat clean and eat as plant-based as possible. Revisiting this one again to really focus on eating plant-based.

Goal #3: Schedule self-assessments. I’ve been going through a pretty major part of my mental and emotional, heck, even spiritual, journey. To keep the right frame of mind, I find that self-assessing on a daily and even sometimes multiple times throughout the day, I stay right where I need to be to be the best Carin I can be.

Goal #4: Book, Focus, Build, Consistency . Same business goals for the week too. Keeping the same goal helps keep me consistent. We all know consistency is key!

What are your goals for this week? Please share!

The Weekly Chase #4


Last week’s list of goals:

Goal #1: Make sure I get my cross-training and yoga in along with my 3 marathon training runs. Running was on track. I got 1 cross training workout in and my two yoga classes taught.

Goal #2: Eat clean. I did okay eating clean this last week.

Goal #3: Wake up early. I actually slept in almost everyday. I think my body really needed it.

Goal #4: Book, Focus, Build . I read. I did not focus or build. I won’t beat myself up for not meeting my goal. Just moving forward.

This week’s list of goals:

Goal #1: Make sure I get my cross-training and yoga in along with my 3 marathon training runs. I will get my personal yoga session in as well as 2 cross training sessions.

Goal #2: Eat clean and eat as plant-based as possible. I’ve been lagging a lot lately, and I feel like I’m just heavy. Sometimes giving myself a break from meat can help rejuvenate my body.

Goal #3: Wake up early. Planning on embracing the early despite the now chilly Texas Fall temps in the morning.

Goal #4: Book, Focus, Build, Consistency . My success partner and I set weekly goals as well. Adding onto last week’s goals, it’s “Book, Focus, Build, Consistency”. We’re reading the same book, focusing on what needs to be done, and building our teams….all doing this consistently every day.

What are your goals for this week? Please share!

The Weekly Chase #2

It’s September! I love new months and new weeks! Something about that clean slate to keep pushing toward what you want. What do you love about September? I hope you had a fabulous holiday weekend as well.


Here’s the Weekly Chase rundown for this week.

Last Week’s Goals:

Goal #1: Stick to my set 3 days of running for my marathon training.  This happened, a little off schedule, but I got it done.

Goal #2: Water. I did REALLY well until about Sunday night, and I started craving a soda….bad.

Goal #3: Routine. We’re pretty much there. I have to tweak a couple of things to pin my schedule down, but we’re golden.

Goal #4: Personal Development. I kept up with my reading and audio, but still working on the mediation thing. I like to do it in the mornings, but I’d have to wake up at 4 a.m. to do that…I need that extra hour until 5 a.m.

Goal #5: Focus intently on my coaching. I stayed focused, but was working on this for about 4 hours a day when I know I only needed two. After some discussion with one of my team leaders, I think I have a plan worked out.

Goal #6: Start journaling again. Missed this goal as well. 

Here’s this week’s list of goals:


Goal #1: Stick to my set 3 days of running for my marathon training. I did really well with this last week, so I want to keep this up.

Goal #2: Routine. After talking with one of my team leaders last week about this, I think I have a plan to keep me on routine and productive.

Goal #3: Meditation. 10 minutes a day to center myself

Goal #4: Focus intently on my coaching. This means no distractions and even putting my phone in airplane mode to make things happen.

Goal #5: Journaling. With a couple of important, personal meetings this week and a new composition book, I’m all set to go for journaling.

One Word Wednesday: Balance


A Bit More Balanced

What does the word balance mean for you?

The Weekly Chase #1

The Weekly Chase is a feature that I learned about from Miss Molly and Road Runner Girl that recaps the previous week and sets goals for the upcoming week. This is perfect for me since I love setting the tone for Mondays and my entire week! I hope you join in with me, read along as I go through my weeks and maybe even begin your own weekly chase! So, here goes…

Last week was all about the last week of summer and trying to practice our school routine as well as the second full week of marathon training. I set some goals to get all my runs in, which I missed one, and get the boys on schedule, which I did.

1stdayofschool08262013 1stdayofschool08262013-goofy

Today was the first day of school here in Texas, so donned in fresh shorts and tees, my boys started their school years. T, the big one, is the big honcho on the middle school campus as an 8th grader. Cy begins his 1st grade year. I got him lost in his school because I went in the wrong door and all the hallways are sectioned off. Once we made it to his class, I promised I would walk him back in the right way tomorrow so he knows his way. Now that we are starting to get into routine mode, I can begin to work on things that I’ve put on hold for the summer.


Goal #1: Stick to my set 3 days of running for my marathon training. To stay injury free and prevent fatigue, I’m testing a 3-day a week training schedule. I cannot miss days as every run is specific. Easy run, speed work, and long run.

Goal #2: Water. I’ve been slacking on water, and I can see the difference in what that extra bottle I’ve been skipping has been doing.

Goal #3: Routine. Establish my class and work routines as the boys settle into their school routines. All work must be done by 2:45 p.m. every day, and I commit to spend from 3-5 p.m. with them for homework, quality time, and fun.

Goal #4: Personal Development. I’ve become big on personal development, but I want to incorporate more than 15 minutes of reading. I plan on adding my meditation back into this hour so I can focus and set my day on the good path I want.

Goal #5: Focus intently on my coaching. It is my full time thing now, and since I want to make this my career for life, I need to set my intentions for my career goals and make them happen.

Goal #6: Start journaling again. I used to keep a journal and just over the last few years, I’ve stopped. Even if it’s just a list to start or 10 minutes of writing, I want to start this up as i work to make my life exactly how I want it.

I hope you enjoyed reading my goals, and I hope you share yours with me to and continue to read through my journey as I chase forward toward my dreams. Comment below so i can encourage you through your weekly goals as well!

Success Saturday: Jennifer T.

Jennifer and I have been online friends for almost 6 years now. I’ve seen her try everything she could to keep her weigh under control. She finally found the combination that’s worked for her. She has pushed through several family losses and continues to be a force in her own life. I am so proud of her 50 pound and 42 inch loss!!!

Fitness + Nutrition + Support + Success!

Fitness + Nutrition + Support + Success!


1. Why did you decide to lose weight/change your lifestyle? (Any and all reasons)

I wanted to be healthier and set a good example for my friends and family.

2. What exercise did you do? (List everything)

Les Mills Combat program through Beachbody

3. How did you change your eating?

I changed from low carb to clean eating. I cut out artificial sweeteners and replace one meal a day with Shakeology.

4. Did you use any nutritional supplements?


5. Did you have support? (Group, friend, online community, etc.)

I have the support of friends, family, my Beachbody coach and accountability groups.

6. What do you feel is the top thing you have gotten out of your journey?

I feel a lot better and have more energy.

7. What is your next goal?

To lose the last 10 pounds by my birthday September 7th.