The Weekly Chase #2

It’s September! I love new months and new weeks! Something about that clean slate to keep pushing toward what you want. What do you love about September? I hope you had a fabulous holiday weekend as well.


Here’s the Weekly Chase rundown for this week.

Last Week’s Goals:

Goal #1: Stick to my set 3 days of running for my marathon training.  This happened, a little off schedule, but I got it done.

Goal #2: Water. I did REALLY well until about Sunday night, and I started craving a soda….bad.

Goal #3: Routine. We’re pretty much there. I have to tweak a couple of things to pin my schedule down, but we’re golden.

Goal #4: Personal Development. I kept up with my reading and audio, but still working on the mediation thing. I like to do it in the mornings, but I’d have to wake up at 4 a.m. to do that…I need that extra hour until 5 a.m.

Goal #5: Focus intently on my coaching. I stayed focused, but was working on this for about 4 hours a day when I know I only needed two. After some discussion with one of my team leaders, I think I have a plan worked out.

Goal #6: Start journaling again. Missed this goal as well. 

Here’s this week’s list of goals:


Goal #1: Stick to my set 3 days of running for my marathon training. I did really well with this last week, so I want to keep this up.

Goal #2: Routine. After talking with one of my team leaders last week about this, I think I have a plan to keep me on routine and productive.

Goal #3: Meditation. 10 minutes a day to center myself

Goal #4: Focus intently on my coaching. This means no distractions and even putting my phone in airplane mode to make things happen.

Goal #5: Journaling. With a couple of important, personal meetings this week and a new composition book, I’m all set to go for journaling.