Success Saturday: Christy P.

I’ve known Christy since before high school, and we reconnected a couple of years ago on social media. I’ve seen her progress continue, all because of her amazing dedication to her goal!


1. Why did you decide to lose weight/change your lifestyle? (Any and all

In August 2013, I decided I wanted more out of life. I wanted to feel better, have more energy and have more confidence in myself. I was tired of coming home after work everyday and taking a nap.

2. What exercise did you do? (List everything)
I started out walking in September. I added a community ed exercise class (it included step aerobics, kick boxing and strength training) in October. I joined a gym in November that offers body pump and Zumba. 

3. How did you change your eating habits?
I use my fitness pal to track my calorie intake. I cut out soda’s all together. I only eat red meat every once in awhile. I either eat baked tilapia or chicken and sliced turkey. I have increased my vegetable and fruit intake. I eat breakfast now and I have added snacks to my day. 

4. Did you use any nutritional supplements?
The only thing that I have used is Spark. I started using that about two months ago. 

5. Did you have support? (Group, friend, online community, etc.)

Yes, all of my family and friends have been very supportive. I also follow many pages on FB.

6. What do you feel is the top thing you’ve gotten out of your journey?

Not to give up on your dream because of a few unhealthy decisions or days. 

7. What is your next goal?

 I still have a ways to go so I just want to keep up my steady pace and boost my strength training as I go. 

If you have a success story you would like to share, please contact me at


Reduce Heat…

Reduce Heat


Many conversations in my house this week have revolved around the topic of anger and intense emotional states as well as actions taken during that kind of emotion. We’ve talked about how we feel, things that happened to cause anger and intense emotion, what should have been done, what could have been done, etc.  One of these such conversations happened while I was cooking one of dinners this week, and the mantra was manifested in our house.

Reduce heat and simmer. 

It’s the simple idea of cooling down before you irrationally do something or say something that could be harmful to you, the person involved, even affecting people you may not realize that could be affected.  We’ve all heard it before in many ways (think before you speak sound familiar?), but this was one of those moments that just made it click, you know? 

We’re all human. To feel is human. To get angry is human. To get emotional is human. That’s the joy of being human. But the GRACE of being human is to recognize that you can change everything by

Reducing heat and simmering

Emotions can cloud words and actions. Speaking and acting in that intense state won’t convey what you really want to convey. Let peace settle in before you react. 

Reduce heat and simmer.

On a physical sense, being angry and intense just stresses your body out. Your body uses all your energy feeling so much that it’s totally drained for any positive action, except maybe sleep. Not to mention potential digestive issues and headaches you can be prone to with prolonged emotional intensity. You can’t be the best you can be holding all of that it…so, let it go, release it, or as in the house of the Jock in a Skirt…

Reduce heat and simmer.

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope this post finds you ready for the holiday surrounded by friends, family, and gratitude. I hope you are happy on your journey, and celebrate this holiday by remembering what or who brings you value to your life.

Over the last month, I’ve been working on ideas to update this site for you, my readers, so after the long wonderful holiday, you will slowly see the changes coming.  Again, I wish you an amazing Thanksgiving.





The Weekly Chase #5


The fact that this post wasn’t scheduled to post Monday morning should give you an idea of how my week kind of is going! It’s been insane…all in a good way though.

Last week’s list of goals:

Goal #1: Make sure I get my cross-training and yoga in along with my 3 marathon training runs. I was spot on with my running and cross training. I probably could have used another yoga session though.

Goal #2: Eat clean and eat as plant-based as possible. I did okay with eating clean, but not really with plant-based. I really wanted the meat. But the beer over the weekend …  I earned those carbs.

Goal #3: Wake up early. This is getting more difficult as my schedule demands increase along with my training mileage. I’m all about getting enough sleep right now.

Goal #4: Book, Focus, Build, Consistency. I read. I focused. I built. All on a small forward scale.

This week’s list of goals:

Goal #1: 3 yoga sessions with my 3 training runs. My hips are aching for some yoga….so this is a must.

Goal #2: Eat clean and eat as plant-based as possible. Revisiting this one again to really focus on eating plant-based.

Goal #3: Schedule self-assessments. I’ve been going through a pretty major part of my mental and emotional, heck, even spiritual, journey. To keep the right frame of mind, I find that self-assessing on a daily and even sometimes multiple times throughout the day, I stay right where I need to be to be the best Carin I can be.

Goal #4: Book, Focus, Build, Consistency . Same business goals for the week too. Keeping the same goal helps keep me consistent. We all know consistency is key!

What are your goals for this week? Please share!

One Word Wednesday: Strength



What does “strength” mean to you?

Success Saturday: Jenna F.

Jenna and I have been friends through a virtual running moms group (RMM) for quite a while now. I’ve seen her overcome many obstacles and come out stronger and healthier! You can check out her beginner blog here as well.
photo (1)
1. Why did you decide to lose weight/change your lifestyle? (Any and all reasons)
        My number one reason was to help me through my separation then my divorce from my ex-husband. That reason changed into making sure I was one of those Mom’s who played on the w/ their kid growing up instead of staying on the sidelines. Now my reasons for continuing is to reach the goals I have set for myself.
2. What exercise did you do? (List everything)
      1) Running- when I started I followed training plans. I lost my mojo for a good little while. I’m slowly getting it back.
       2) elliptical- this is my go-to machine when I have a chance
       3) hiking- I do this w/ my son. He loves it and I love that I get to spend uninterrupted time with him.
       4) t25- this is a beach body program and totally ideal for the time constraints I have on my daily life.
3. How did you change your eating?
      My eating has been the hardest part to change. I cut out fast-food and started bringing about %90 of my meals from home. And when I do have to eat fast-food. I do grilled chicken, only have the bun and no fries. I also make sure I have a shakeology shake daily at some point in the day.
4. Did you use any nutritional supplements?
     The only few things I add as far as supplements go is a B-complex and Potassium pill daily. Like I said I have my Shakeology shake daily, and that has all of my nutrients I need daily so I don’t bother w/ a daily vitamin pill.
5. Did you have support? (Group, friend, online community, etc.)
      I have a few ppl that I work with that have  helped them want to be better as well. Bc they see me everyday so they know the hard work that I put into being the best version of myself that I can.
      I have my online support from RMM. I’ve known these ladies for at least 5yrs. The group has changed, I’ve still got support from ladies who areno longer in the group. Their support has meant the world to me. There’s a few that I consider my sole-sisters for life.
     I have my family who push me to my limits. They have stood me through everything.
    Lastly, my son. Those two words mean everything to me. They continue to push me to push beyond my limits. He has no clue as to how much he’s changed me for the better, and I don’t know if he ever will. But I will always strive to be the best Mommy I can be for him.
photo (2)
6. What do you feel is the top thing you’ve gotten out of your journey?
     My confidence back. My marriage was filled w/ domestic abuse (verbal and then physical towards the end), and with that I lost my confidence as a woman. Loosing the weight and just feeling better about myself (I still have “Debbie- downer” days. But instead of turning to food, I choose to get a good sweat in).
7. What is your next goal?
   My next major goal (I always have a ton of small stepping stone goals to get me to my major goal at the end) is to loose 39lbs in the next year. That’ll make it 100lbs that I have lost.

One Word Wednesday: Balance


A Bit More Balanced

What does the word balance mean for you?